Our Next HQ

It looks like we might be coming close to our final option on a really, really big building on the near west side of Detroit for the future The Detroit Bus Company / Arsenal of Clean HQ.

The plan is to use a corner of the building for our own operations and lease out private spaces within it to other small business owners. We’ll set rents at an affordable rate, offer long predictable leases with optional first-refusal renewals, and other good stuff. I want to provide the simple, reliable space that we wish we were provided as a small business.

When you build your business somewhere you usually want to stay there for a long time. Maybe a lifetime. You shouldn’t have to pack up and move your things every 5 years after you’ve improved the area you’re in enough for the suits to get interested. I’m working on some anti-displacement methods and practices so we as a group can be resilient against the negative parts of gentrification.

Since we’re buying this place outright we won’t have the previous issues we had around a landlord choosing not to renew our lease when we got to the end of 5 years (Paper Street) and another landlord not honoring our purchase option we had in our lease (Eight & Sand in Hamtramck).

I can’t spill the beans on the address yet, but it’s a very clean massive factory building that was recently manufacturing a nice clean product by an owner-operator for the last ~100 years in a family business. They shut down because their product isn’t feasible any longer, but the place is very well kept. It has heavy power, tall ceilings, nice bathrooms, some loading docks, and grade-level doors.

So: I’m opening up talks with interested business owners who are interested in private, secure industrial spaces in the complex. We have a few of the spaces already spoken for, but there will be a range of spaces from 1,000 to 7,000 sq/ft. Maybe some bigger. I imagine they’ll go fast.

There will also be a fully stocked auto shop with bays that are rentable by the month by application. This is a similar setup that was much beloved by Richard Truett, Todd Ethridge, and many others for years back at Paper Street in Ferndale. Only a few of these, but it’s important to me to keep the community going.

Interested parties should drop me an email to and I’ll get you on the information list. Tell me a bit about your needs, what your business is, and how we can make this space excellent together.

As always: Let’s do this.