Make no little plans.

We couldn’t find an easy way to get around, so we started a bus company.

The Detroit Bus Company

Launched in 2011, the DBC provides additional transit options in Detroit. We work to bridge the gaps in the current system and develop new technologies to make new solutions possible to old problems. We also do a series of tours to share Detroit’s rich history and culture with the world. To learn more, click here.

We needed a place to work alongside our friends, so we started a couple of workspaces.

Paper Street

Founded in 2010, Paper Street exists for entrepreneurs. Located in a 7,000 sq/ft former eyeglass warehouse, its mission is to offer all the essentials in a warm, collaborative environment. Featuring a coworking space, private offices and shop bays. For more info, go here.

Eight & Sand

Straddling the border between Detroit and Hamtramck, Eight & Sand is a 90,000 sq/ft built-in-1920 automotive component factory reused as a creative incubator and as facilities for our bus company. Featuring an event space, floral design studio, community workshop and a vibrant community, we’re developing a sustainable blueprint for post-industrial redevelopment.

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